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Monday, 21 January 2013">5 of 5 stars

See Through by Catherine Kirby

What an original idea! I really enjoyed Sari Caste and the compassion the author displayed in that shone through this book too. A very different setting in prosaic suburbia but the challenges faced there are just as difficult as those on the Indian continent even though, or because, they are self inflicted. A phantom pregnancy leads Fleur to crisis point from where she escapes into a parallel reality. This enables her to witness the people in her life coping without her. She begins to understand the situation from their perspective - a clever ploy by the author - maybe we all need to do that in our lives from time to time! Seeing her problems from other's view points enables Fleur to understand the complexity of relationships and therefore to heal them. It is an interesting introspective journey and a thought provoking one.
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