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Sunday, 8 December 2013


I learned so much from John Hudspith, editor, and also from other wonderful authors that I have met through facebook and twitter and from there, writing circles in the real world.
Inspired by them all, I have re-edited The Twisted Vine.  The link for The Twisted Vine on

For the first time, I feel the story is right.
The funny thing is, I have re-instated the second chapter from the very first draft, with a few tweaks, and it is so much gutsier for it.  So is Roxanne,the troubled little cockney heroine. She has quite a few problems to overcome but now we can read her spirited character right from the start,as she faces out her Toryboy lover and sets out on her French odyssey.
I feel really happy with the changes I've made.
Grab a copy and let me know if my instincts are right!
Oh, and in the new year, The Twisted Vine is going to have a new cover with the professional and inspirational help of the gifted Jane Dixon-Smith, who helped me with the cover of Daffodils.
I might even be inclined to do a free promotion for the new re-invigorated Twisted Vine!
Watch out for it on these pages.

Happy Christmas.

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