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Friday, 26 September 2014

#promotion for Daffodils

New promotion for Daffodils is coming up! Bookmark Wednesday 1st October in your diary and grab a bargain when it will be on for 99 cents for 24 hours! See why it has received over 60 reviews worldwide and more on Goodreads and is rated at an average of 4.5*s.
WW1 dragged even a tiny village like Cheadle into its savage net. How would you react if faced with the challenges that beset Katy and Jem?

They face even more in Peace Lily, the sequel, which will be out very soon. Last few tweaks being ironed out with beta readers but it is completed. There may even be a third book next year but in the meantime I'm working on a quite different project in a different time and place.

One thing's for sure, I can't stop writing!

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