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In The Plotting Shed
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Thursday, 26 March 2015

#rubbers #amwriting

Who'd have thought writing about a sleepy village in Wiltshire around the time of the first World War would have lead me into research into rubber production? But that's where Speedwell is taking me. I've just looked up when pencils with rubbers on the top were introduced into the UK.
The writing life is a strange, magical one.
I shall issue no spoilers here but just let you know that Speedwell is coming along nicely. I'm on target to publish by the autumn, I hope, and I'm now over 75k words along. Of course, some of those will be ruthlessly guillotined and never see the light of day, or the printed page, but that's for the second draft.
Until then, I'm off up the #Plotting Shed where my new keyboard is waiting for me to bash the hell out of it!

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