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Thursday, 8 October 2015

#Gower - my playpark

This is me with my border collie, Sky and his new friend, spaniel Oscar. We had a cracking walk from Pennard down to Three Cliffs Bay (the limestone triangular rock on the beach behind me) this week, in the charming company of Richard Hardie.
Richard writes Young Adult fiction and I'm currently enjoying his first book, Leap of Faith, which is set on Gower.
Here is the link for this book:

It's a lively tale involving smugglers, caves and secret coves. A salty taste of time travel and, for me, animating the scenery and seascape I have come to love since I moved here way, way back in 1989.
The dogs weren't this well behaved the rest of the time! They got on like a house on fire and encouraged each other to wallow in muddy puddles.
The weather was sunny and breezy in defiance of the miserable forecast. Richard and I talked books the whole time.
Time well spent.

                                      Richard Hardie, author of Leap of Faith and other tales.

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