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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

#Research trip.

Well, that was interesting. Went to Devizes, in Wiltshire to try and fill in the gaps in my research for The Rose Trail. In both library and bookshop, I found just what I was looking for - the exact details of the siege of Devizes in the Civil War. You have to go local to get this sort of detail - even the internet won't suffice. Went to the actual battle sites in town and country (don't want to give TOO much away here!) and felt the frisson of the violent aftermath.
Also met up with some beloved old friends, ate wonderful food and drank the local brew. It was my birthday, so it felt good to indulge. Came back on a high, only to come straight down with a (luckily) mild form of flu. Such is the balance of life.
Here are some pictures from the trip. Not identifying them just yet; the story is too embryonic.


  1. Now that you've piqued my interest, I will be on pins and needles until this comes out!

    Judy :)

  2. It might take a while. Did you see the bullet holes in the church wall? Hope to publish The Rose Trail later this year.