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Saturday, 25 June 2016

My turn for an author interview with #Judith Barrow, book blogger extraordinaire

Judith Barrow

I had a lot of fun the other day, chatting with my lovely friend and fellow author, Judith Barrow. Judith writes gritty sagas (see below) and is the instigator and founder of The Tenby Book Fair. She is also a creative writing tutor and I'm privileged to enjoy regular writing workshops with Judith and an equally gifted writer, Thorne Moore, on a regular basis. We share whatever we are working on by reading it out loud and critiquing each others' work - much to the amusement of the other diners in the cafe where we meet. We tend to get a bit loud. Luckily we also share a dark sense of humour and the time flies by as we exchange jokes and our work.
I always know when my work-in-progress is on track when a quiet hush descends from the nearby tables when I'm reading my stuff out. Happy days.

Anyway, here's our chat:

Judith Barrows books include:

Changing Patterns
Pattern of Shadows
Living in the Shadows


  1. What can I say? We're a lively little group of three authors with a lot to share and and much to give.Anyone can join in at the cafe... whether they initially mean or not. As we say, anyone can join in; after all everyone is a potential writer or reader. Both Alex and Thorne give their opinions to my writing and I hope my contribution to theirs helps sometimes. All I know I value their opinions, as friends and fellow authors.Jxx

  2. We do have a laugh, but we also work hard, don't we? Oh, and organise The Tenby Book Fair!